Piano Playground is teacher, parent, and kid approved!


Teacher reviews:

"Sophia has taught my daughters for three years.  She has taken them from little girls who hammered on the keys to musicians who compose original pieces.   She works with their personalities, natural instincts and abilities so that they are engaged and challenged.   Embedded in the fun is theory and discipline.  They've learned to keep time, to read music, and to compose.  They love that she makes lessons fun and  think they are blissfully unaware of how hard she is making them work!  I feel so blessed that our daughters have such a passionate, skilled teacher.   We love Piano Playground!"   - Kristin,  Seattle Public School teacher


"We chose Sophia as our daughter, Mollie's, piano teacher because she was so highly recommended by families in the Daniel Bagley community.   Mollie has made amazing progress in the past year.  She came to Sophia with a strong interest in composing, and that interest has really been encouraged and nurtured.   Her lessons are highly engaging.  She comes home each week talking about how much she enjoys her lesson time.   The pieces that she practices are both challenging and fun.  She is constantly learning new skills, and she is also excited to practice every day!   She plays the piano with a lot of heart, and  hope that her love of the piano will keep her playing for many years to come."    -Lisa, Seattle Public School teacher


Parent reviews: 

"My daughter has had a very rewarding experience with Sophia.   She started lessons when she was age 7 and very shy.   Sophia was so good with her.   As a parent, you know when the teacher is the right fit for your child.   Sophia just has a way with kids that puts them at ease and helps them succeed.   My daughter developed a love for the piano and kept asking to stay in lessons.  By 5th grade she made the decision on her own to enter the school talent show which meant playing solo in front of the whole school.  She has indeed come a long way."    - Deb 


My kids continue to learn piano from Sophia purely out of enjoyment.  I admit I'm thrilled to hear continued reliable improvement in skills and udnerstanding but it is because they have so much fun fooling around on the piano that lessons are always anticipated and practice is frequent.   They joyfully express themselves through music thanks to Sophia's positive and enthusiastic feedback.   Her fun and un-demanding approach builds their confidence every week.   She knows just what songs to pair with each child, uses a mix of resources to engage their interest, and encourages each child to experiment and take risks without fear.  They actually thank me after every lesson.      - Megan  


Piano Playground has been a great experience for us.   My 9-year old looks forward to her weekly lesson.  Sophia keeps the learning fun, but also challenges the student keep moving forward. Students are encouraged and assisted in composing their own pieces, and using the latest software, turn it into sheet music.   The recitals have been a special part of the process for us too.  Piano Playground organizes both formal and informal performances, usually at a local assisted living facility.  My daughter was at first apprehensive about performing in front of people.  She gradually got more comfortable, and now looks forward to the next one.   The fact that they are usually at an assisted living space makes it fun for everyone.  Thanks, Sophia!          -Brian


My 9-year old daughter has been taking lessons from Sophia for 3 years, and has improved tremendously in that time under Sophia's guidance.  Her teaching style includes a healthy amount of music theory along with playing time, and she pays remarkable attention to playing technique as well. Sophia lets my daughter bring in music that she wishes to learn while also teaching the theory at a level kids can understand.   My daughter doesn't only enjoy learning from Sophia, but she actually understands what they are doing.  I, as a parent, love the fact that Sophia regularly puts on recitals for the kids to show off what they nave learned.  I am really glad that we found Sophia.  What she has done for my daughter's music skills has far exceeded my expectations.    -Todd  


Student reviews: